About Our Company

As a leading investor relations/public relations/media relations firm headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Spain and Connecticut, Pristine Advisers assists companies of all shapes and sizes in improving awareness and increase shareholder value.

With our established database and network of over 60k institutional investors, individual investors, analysts, brokers, portfolio manager and media, we are able to efficiently communicate your mission and goals to the audience that matters most to you.

With over 23 years in the financial industry, we are well positioned and understand every aspect of how the financial markets operate. Our seasoned professionals work closely with each and every client to develop a program tailored to your specific needs. No two clients are alike, and therefore, no two programs are alike. We work closely with management as well as internal IR departments if applicable. We monitor market activity with our ear to the street to respond and act upon the continuous and ever changing financial marketplace.

Our programs range from standard day-to-day IR activities, to earnings announcements, IPO’s, M&A transactions, Perception Studies, Roadshows, etc. Please visit our full site to see a full list of services we offer by going to: http://www.pristineadvisers.com

Sustainable investor and public relations can yield sustainable corporate growth. The team at Pristine Advisers understands how transparency and accountability have changed the capital markets forever. We are dedicated to help you face the challenges ahead.




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