Implementing Unified Communications


Have you ever sent an email to a someone in a company only to have them respond a few days later with, “Somehow the email didn’t get to me. I had been out of the office for meetings and it mush have slipped through the cracks.”

Unified communications is the solution to this problem. However, “UC” is one area where the enterprise space and more specifically investment institutions are failing to adopt best practices. UC is the process of making all communications in an organization, seamless. For example, you have a text message sent to your phone, but it can arrive in a chat window, on your phone or in your email inbox. This ensures quickest delivery time. The ideal scenario is that your devices or accounts know which you are accessing at that moment and ensure immediate delivery to that specific account first.

Currently, a major obstacle is that many of the IT departments are still playing catch up with all the new communication technologies. This leaves the newer and younger employees using their own outside services like Skype or Google Hangouts when the older employees aren’t even utilizing video chats.

This can become a security problem on one hand but it can also create a communication problem if not addressed with a solution for the newer employees who are accustomed to this style of communication. Either way, your company should be exploring and implementing a unified plan. Have you started yet?


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