Mobile Technologies for Investor Relations

mobile-technologyIn today’s society, the mobile device has changed it all. For many, you would think that the shift towards mobile wouldn’t impact how we interact with investors, but you are wrong. The mobile revolution has created an ecosystem of apps that leverage the device’s distinct capabilities.

Here is a list of the top 3 mobile tools to use in Investor Relations:

  1. Twitter: This micro-blogging platform provides you with an outlet to not only share important updates with the public and your investors, but it also allows for questions to be asked of you. It is important to respond to the requests across this channel since the “tweets” are open to the public.
  2. Here On Biz: This app shows you who is in town on business and will also alert you and others when there is a potential professional connection nearby that you should be aware of. For example; if you are connected to some of your key investors on LinkedIn and they use Here On Biz as well, it will alert you that they are in town. This provides for a possible “serendipitous” connection to happen which can result in improved investor relationships. http://www.HereOn.Biz
  3. LinkedIn Group: From the LinkedIn mobile app, you can respond to posts in a LinkedIn group. The nice thing about having a LinkedIn group is that it works as a digital platform for longer conversations or polls. You can also keep it locked to the public and new members must be approved by an administrator.

Overall, the power of mobile has accelerated our ability to connect and provided more robust tools.


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